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Extend Your Lifespan by 20 Years + Maximize Peak Performance in Under 6 Weeks

Extend Your Lifespan by 20 Years + Maximize Peak Performance in Under 6 Weeks

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Yes, you really can add 20+ years to your life with simple, 20-minute protocols each day

This has already been proven, but the problem is that in today’s world there’s a new diet or workout for every day of the year…

This confuses people and as a result most people either don’t begin any program or they are constantly switching between routines with few lasting results to show for it.

High Performance Health

Turn Back the Clock on Aging

What’s interesting is that at the top of the health industry, 99% of practitioners agree on what is extending lifespan.

This is also the exact same case with the leading longevity scientists – Almost unanimously, they all have come to the same conclusions on the best diet, exercise, supplementation, and much more in order to increase lifespan past 100-120 years old within our lifetime.

I want to share all of this with you, and fortunately, I have access to this cutting-edge information that my colleagues and I have found to be revolutionizing health & longevity at lightening speed.

You’ll find all of this and much more in the High Performance Health interactive course.

High Performance Health

Become a High Performer

High Performance Health (HPH™) is unlike anything you’ve experienced before-

It is one part education and one part action.

This means you won’t just be learning about theories and ideas of what may be true, but instead you’ll discover the real world advances in health, hormones, peak performance, and longevity that few people know about…

Are you looking to:

High Performance Health

The HPH Course

Each HPH™ Course module is designed to maximize your understanding of the key concepts needed in order to grasp the latest advances in High Performance Health & Longevity, as well as then being able to immediately implement them in the real world.

A new module is released every 2 weeks. You’ll receive one video seminar from Dr. Stephen Cabral on a specific topic related to High Performance Health & Longevity (outlined below), plus an additional video on the step-by-step instructions and cheat sheet on how to take action to start seeing results right away.

The HPH Course Modules

MODULE 1: Why We Age

In this module you’ll learn why humans age and what causes us to age faster or slower. You’ll discover the 12 factors for aging and the levers you can pull to dramatically reverse the aging process. Plus, you’ll learn the very latest science as to why leading researchers believe within the next 10 years we will be able to actually pause aging.

MODULE 2: First Step, Don’t Die

The title for this module is a bit tongue in cheek, but as Dr. Cabral tells all of his private clients, “we just need to keep you as healthy as possible for the next 10-15 years because if we can do that, then you will get to take advantage of revolutionary age reversal processes being developed right now.” Having said that, Dr. Cabral will share with you the most cutting-edge lab testing known to only the leading doctors and scientists in the country. Plus, you’ll discover what 7 biometrics you should be tracking daily to improve health span and lifespan.

MODULE 3: The Only Longevity Diet

All of the leading Biogerontologist scientists agree that there is no need for argument or debate when it comes to diet and nutrition for longevity. It’s been long proven as to what helps people live healthily past 90 years old when the average lifespan is 74-77 years old in the United States. In this module, you will learn exactly how to use intermittent fasting, meal plan timing & structure, as well as the exact foods to eat that turn on longevity genes.

MODULE 4: Exercise & Movement

Under-exercise and you’ll age faster. Over-exercise and you’ll do the same… So, how do you know what is the right type? And, should you be doing weights, HIIT, sprints, METCON, Tabata, or cardio workouts? Or, is it effective to just get enough steps on a daily basis? In this HPH Course, you’ll be able to easily understand all these answers and how to create the right program for you. In addition to the HPH exercise plans, you’ll discover the 5 movements practiced by Tibetan Monks to extend health span and lifespan.

MODULE 5: Hormone & Stress Modulation

There is a lot of confusion right now over hormone replacement therapy and what is best for living the healthiest, most vibrant, and longest life possible. Dr. Cabral will teach you about your hormonal health and how you can find the proper balance to avoid health issues. You’ll also learn what to do and how to modulate stress which will naturally improve hormone health, peak performance, and longevity.

MODULE 6: REDOX & Mitchondrial Health

This may be the first time you’ve heard about REDOX or you’ve only had a brief introduction as to what it is in the past… the goal of HPH is to empower you with the most crucial factors needed to enable you to live a life of a high performer. Without improving REDOX and mitochondrial health, you will begin to lose your “charge” or battery life as you get older. We’ll share the science behind these discoveries and the exact methods to re-charge your cellular batteries to get back a life of energy, passion, and purpose.

MODULE 7: HPH Brain Rejuvenation

Are you worried about dementia, Alzheimer’s, or other brain and neurological issues as you age? Don’t be. Inside of HPH you will learn the early warning signs, lab test indicators, and other methods to detect brain deterioration decades in advance. Plus, if there are any current issues, we’ll share the scientifically proven plans for reversing brain related aging and the exact Alzheimer’s Protocol.

MODULE 8: HPH Rejuvenation Protocols

In this module, we will cover how to max out Deep & REM sleep for the best night’s sleep you’ve ever experienced. Plus, we’ll share how to implement Dr. Cabral’s NSDR (Non-Sleep Deep Rest) Protocols, as well as other health biohacks for turning off sympathetic nervous system activity (fight or flight), while turning on the healing parasympathetic nervous system. This is a cannot miss module, especially since high performers need to improve their recovery or they will burn out over time and shorten their lifespan.

MODULE 9: HPH Longevity Supplement Protocols

Confused about NMN, resveratrol, fisetin, quercetin, PQQ, CoQ10, or other recommended anti-aging supplements? Dr. Cabral will break down the science from an unbiased perspective, talk about what doses are safe of which products, and let you know exactly what he has been using himself and in his private practice for years. You will then be informed as to what works and what doesn’t, so you can make the best decision for you and where you are in your life right now.

MODULE 10: Forever Young Mindset

We have to understand that we are not machines and much of our health and longevity comes from the way we frame our lives and think about our future. Therefore, no High Performance Health course would be complete without focusing on the power of expectation, purpose, and something worth fighting for. Dr. Cabral will share his own personal philosophies and what he has seen work over the years, as well as what we know from centenarians that have so much wisdom to share with us.

MODULE 11: The HPH Protocol

Ready to learn about the most cutting-edge biohacking advantages in the wellness and longevity field? The HPH™ Protocol is hands-down the fastest way to enjoy the benefits of full body rejuvenation based on the latest science surrounding sauna, red light, PEMF, cold exposure, anaerobic exercise, and oxygen therapy. The HPH™ Protocol will take everything you’ve learned to this point and put it into one, easy to implement, 20-minute routine you can do 4-5x per week. Not only is it proven to work, but you will feel and see the difference within weeks.

MODULE 12: Turning Back Your Biological Age

If you ran your Biological Age Test, it is now time to discover your results. Whether they were spot on for your chronological age, or maybe even a decade older, the good news is that you can reverse your rate of aging. This is no longer the talk of science-fiction, but instead a thriving field of research proving that age reversal is possible through the methods you will learn inside of this HPH Course. Plus, you’ll be able to retest your results every 6 months to ensure you are aging backwards and on the right protocols for you.

High Performance Health

Lifetime Access

Charter members will receive lifetime access to Dr. Cabral’s HPH™ Course. You will get to take advantage of module updates as they become available in the future and be in the know as research advances. Charter members are also the only ones that will receive the bonus LIVE HPH Q&As with Dr. Cabral each month.

HPH 1-On-1 Coaching

Who Is HPH For?

This course was designed for anyone without a health/fitness background or education. However, the concepts explained inside the HPH course are not for true beginners.

You’ll be learning about advanced biohacking protocols and HPH lifestyle methodologies. If you have not read any books, like the Rain Barrel Effect, or listened to health podcasts before, this course should not be your first step.

HPH will take your current knowledge to the highest level there is in the health & fitness industry, and if you’re ready for that, we are excited to share this cutting-edge material.

High Performance Health

Are You a Health Practitioner

The HPH Course was created for the general public and those looking to learn how to take their energy, body, mind, and longevity knowledge and protocols to the next level. If you are a health practitioner, this will also enable you to learn more advanced concepts and use them your current practice.

However, if you’d like to become a Certified High Performance Health Coach where clients come looking for you for this type of training and coaching, please see this separate IHP certification put on by the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute.

Once certified, your name will be displayed on this website for interested clients throughout the world to contact you directly.

High Performance health

Exclusive Content

The High Performance Health course is exclusive content not taught anywhere else. Plus, most state-of-the-art research, testing, and protocols are dispersed all over the internet and difficult to piece together.

What the HPH Course does is bring it all into one, easy to use, online educational portal.

High Performance Health

Workshops with Dr. Cabral

How would you like to ask your HPH questions directly to Dr. Cabral?

Well, now you can! Each month Dr. Cabral will be on a live Zoom call with our High Performance Health course members to teach additional concepts and answer your questions related to the HPH course material.

This is your chance to connect with Dr. Cabral live on an integrative HPH workshop.

Hiph course

Private HPH Community

HPH isn’t for everyone. If you’re following the High Performance Health lifestyle or wanting to start, you’re a high performer. We need to find others like us.

This private Facebook group enables only HPH course members to connect, ask questions, cheer each other on, and be informed about exclusive HPH-only events and content.

This is a huge value and you won’t want to miss the amazing connections you’ll make in our HPH group.

High Performance Health

HPH Support

All of Dr. Cabral’s services, certifications, and courses come with full support. This means you’ll have access to a concierge team that can answer your questions by email typically the same day Monday – Friday.

Plus, you get to ask the community for answers on healthy lifestyle suggestions, as well as for support when you need it.

If you still have questions as to whether or not HPH is right for you, simply email us at support@IHP.coach and we’d be happy to chat.

High Performance Health

April 2023 Bonus

Limited time BONUS

For our new Charter HPH™ Course Members, we are including the Biological Age Test for free. This is the most advanced at-home lab test to discover your rate of aging.

With just a few drops of blood from your finger, our lab will be able to assess thousands of methylation points and share with you your true biological age. Regardless of how many chronological age birthday’s you’ve celebrated, this test will provide you with far greater accuracy of your real age. And of course, you’ll then learn everything you need inside of this High Performance Health course to reverse biological age and grow younger every year!

(Note: This is a $499 value and is limited to the 1st 50 Charter Members.)

High Performance Health

Get Started Today

The High Performance Health course is so much more than just new and increased knowledge regarding your health, mood, energy, and longevity. It is about improving confidence while expelling fear over the aging process, and what life will look for you in the future. Life is amazing and you deserve to live it to the fullest.

We look forward to welcoming you inside and granting you immediate access to Module 1 once you sign up. Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to learn alongside your peers and work directly with Dr. Cabral on the most exciting, cutting-edge, health topics and proven protocols to improve every area of your life.

Become a part of the HPH™ Community today and start living longer stronger!

HPH Charter Member



(Save $500)

HPH Platinum Health Member



(Save $1000)


Dr. Cabral

Dr. Stephen Cabral is a Board Certified Doctor of Naturopathy and founder of the Integrative Health Practitioner Institute & EquiLife.

He also opened Boston’s largest Functional Medicine wellness center over 10 years ago and saw more than 250,000 client appointments before moving his practice online to help people all over the world.

Dr. Cabral overcame his own health issues that lasted from childhood through 27 years old when he met Dr.

Margaret Peet, his mentor, helped him understand how to reverse his multiple complex diseases. Dr. Cabral has since published his Integrative Health methodologies and Detox protocols in his #1 best-selling book, the Rain Barrel Effect, as well as on his podcast, the Cabral Concept, which now has over 50 million downloads and is a top 10 Alternative Health show.

High Performance Health

Frequently Asked Questions

The High Performance Health Course is an evergreen course. You will receive your log in credentials when you sign up and will be all set to begin at your convenience.

You will be emailed an itinerary for the live workshop dates.

The HPH Course is completely virtual and you will receive a log in after purchase. You will be able to access it on phone, tablet, or computer.
The HPH Course includes all 12 modules listed above and enables you to discover how to turn back the clock on aging and feel younger with more energy, vibrancy, and zest for life.

We’re happy to help and you can email us anytime at support@IHP.coach.

Yes, we offer a 7-day refund if you feel that the HPH Course is not for you.
Yes, once you make your payment you will be redirected to set up your online account and membership.

Yes, Charter members that sign up will receive lifetime access and updates to this specific HPH Course.

The retail price for the HPH Course is $990 for all 12 Modules including the workshops. However, we’re currently offering Charter Members a complimentary $500 Biological Age at-home lab test included with your sign up.

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